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Angela Brown


Angela Brown is the Principal of Dillard Elementary School, located in Northwest Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Angela’s professional experience ranges from counseling, social work, teaching and administrative leadership. Her career expands over 27 years serving children and adolescents in needy and impoverished environments.

Angela is a native of Detroit, Michigan, she relocated to South Florida to pursue her degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Memorial University and she later obtained her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Angela is a career educator who displays a passion for teaching, learning and is innovative in changing lives of young children.

Angela is respected for her sensitivity, foresight and ability in improving the morale of employees and transforming the structure of organizations of her affiliation. Angela has a leadership style that empowers those she leads by ensuring that each and every member of the organization feels valued, respected, and honored for the individual expertise that they bring to the organization. She has a history of writing behavioral management programs; which have been proven to be effective for the Department of Juvenile Justice, State of Florida and Broward County Schools. The implementation and success rate of these programs have gained Angela notoriety in her profession.

Angela believes, when all is well with children, then all is well with the world. Her approach for changing the lives of children is to nurture their curiosity, develop their desire for learning, recognize their individuality, and multiply their learning to many.

E-mail: angela.brown@browardschools.com