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Barbara Fiaccone


People often ask me where I am from, and I struggle with that question.  I am technically from “nowhere” since my father was a career military officer and we moved on the average of every 2 years to a new Air Force base.  I did spend nine years (three different tours of duty) at Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE.  When my father finally retired, he and my mother settled in Shreveport, LA.  He had just been stationed at Barksdale AFB and he and my mother realized they could play golf 10 months out of the year.  I also settled there, began my teaching career and raised my family.

I was educated at LSU, LSU-Shreveport, and Centenary College.  I got my Montessori Training from Oklahoma City University. I received my Master Teacher status last summer from the state of Oklahoma.

I began teaching at a Catholic girl’s high school in Shreveport, LA.  It was my first experience with single-gender education and even then, I knew what the nuns were trying to accomplish.  I saw first-hand what a difference single-gender education made in the lives of hundreds of young women.  I moved to an Episcopal day school (grades Pre-K through 8th) and taught middle school math, eventually becoming Head of School.  Later, I moved to Waco, TX to become the Head of School for Waco Montessori School.  While I was at the Montessori School, I discovered Michael Gurian’s books.  I could not get to the summer institute fast enough.  I knew what he was saying not only made sense, but worked!  I had seen it, lived it and taught it.  Now I wanted to tools to make it work in any classroom.

I left administration to return to the classroom when I moved to Oklahoma City to re-marry.  I re-entered the classroom and now work as a third grade teacher in a public school.  I use many of the ideas I gleaned from the summer institute, Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens every single day.

I live in Oklahoma City with the world’s best husband and the most spoiled mini-Schnauzer.  I have two grown children, Sarah and David.  I am an avid reader, as well as needlepointer.

Barbara Fiaccone - GURIAN INSTITUTE