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Beth Black


Life is an amazing journey!  I always thought I would be a teacher and went to college to study elementary education.  But, I got off track somewhere and “went corporate” and became an adult educator with a career as corporate trainer and seminar designer for Walt Disney World, owner of a marketing consulting firm, founder of a seminar company focused on women’s issues and director of a non-profit to fight drug abuse in youth.

Although each of these jobs gave me great insight and new skills, I humbly share that it was the challenge and anguish of raising a troubled son that has been my greatest education. After years of searching, working with educators and mental health professionals, my son found success at a therapeutic boarding school.  And,  the skills I acquired through this arduous journey led me back to my early passion for working with children…and the founding of Cherokee Creek Boys School, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling middle school boys.  We embrace the Gurian model of education for our boys and have great success with our single gender program.

I love middle school boys and I especially love their parents.  Raising and educating children in our current culture is difficult, at best.  I look forward to speaking with parents, community leaders and educators about the many hopeful messages offered by Michael Gurian and the Gurian Institute

E-mail: imbblack@mac.com