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Constance Walker


Constance Walker is the driving force behind the innovative Boys’ Project of Starting Point in Cleveland, Ohio, which inspired the book Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting. She began the Boys’ Project in 2010 to address the alarming disparities between boys and girls in learning and social-emotional problems in the early years. The Boys’ Project incorporated findings on brain development, gender, race and ethnic differences and developed strategies to improve boys’ performance and behavior in early childhood programs. Since that time, the percentage of boys identified with social-emotional problems in her region has been cut in half.

Constance has trained hundreds of Universal Pre-Kindergarten and early childhood teachers and staff in boy-friendly practices and is a popular presenter at national and regional conferences. Currently, she is the Special Needs and Boys’ Project Manager for Starting Point, the Northeast Ohio early childhood resource and referral organization. She has been working with children for the past 20 years, focusing on the areas of early childhood and youth development, resiliency and tools and strategies to support boys, with an emphasis on boys of color. She has also worked in the juvenile justice system and with abused and neglected children.

She has a BA from Shaw University and a Master’s degree in Social Service Administration (MSSA) from Case Western Reserve University. She has received numerous awards including Development of Children’s Round Table, Black Achievers/Voices of Cleveland and the Anna L. Chatman Greatest Love Award.

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