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Dakota Hoyt


Gurian InstituteExecutive Director Emeritus and Master TrainerColorado Springs, Colorado

Dakota Hoyt has been in education for 30 years as a teacher, math/science specialist, assistant principal, director of professional development, and as an educational consultant.

Over her career she has experienced that there is no quick fix to complex educational problems.  Her approach is to have educational staff focus on what instruction is best for all students to be successful (results).  She does this by having the staff identify where they are currently being successful (data), identify the students that are falling through the cracks (data), and analyze possible underlying issues. With this critical information she helps the staff discover “new” strategies and tools (research) to redesign their best educational practices for all students.

Dakota has been associated with the Gurian Institute since 2004 as a Master Trainer, became the Executive Director in 2012 and retired in 2016.  However, her passion is still there to educate as many as possible about how boys and girls learn differently and gender-friendly strategies.
Dakota’s keynotes and training work span Early Head Start through college students and parent groups at the local, national and international level.

What participants are saying about Dakota’s training:

  • “The best thing about this training was the relevancy to all grades and to life/understanding of the opposite sex!”
  • “Excellent presenter—very engaging and informed—lots of movement and good information and practical examples to use in my classroom.”
  • “One of the best trainings I ever had—more of it!”
  • “6 hours was not enough—this was so interesting that I could have stayed longer!  (I hope this workshop comes back next year!)”
  • “Thank you so much—this was great! It is so nice to have something at a workshop that is applicable and wonderful that we can actually use!”
  • “The best thing about this workshop was the presenter, the overall techno-stuff and finally a workshop that made plenty of sense!”