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Dr. Glynetta DeShon Fletcher


Dr. Glynetta DeShon Fletcher has 16 years of experience in education from the middle school level to the university level. She has taught English Language Arts at the high school level, study skills for incoming college freshmen and ELA secondary methods for urban educators. As a teacher, in an urban high school, she focused on African American males as they prepared to transition to their college and careers which would later become her dissertation focus. Currently, she serves (with a smile) in one of Los Angeles Unified District’s most challenging middle schools in the role of Assistant Principal. Here she works directly with teachers understanding that “in order to improve student achievement, we must improve teacher practice.” In the future, Dr. Fletcher will use her wealth of knowledge and experience, to write books regarding classroom management, engagement and music in all male classrooms.


Dr. Glynetta DeShon Fletcher - GURIAN INSTITUTE