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Karen Boyk


Karen is an educator, speaker, and motivator in the field of education. She has over 40 years of experience, mostly in the classroom, at many grades, K-12. Much of her teaching career was spent in middle school, where she designed and implemented a single-gender class for girls in the 8th grade in a public school.

Karen’s search for nature-based education led her to the Gurian Institute. Michael Gurian’s work was such a validation. Finally those behaviors and attitudes that students display every day in class are scientifically explained! Karen found the practical advice and suggestions for parents and teachers alike to be extremely helpful in developing her girls program.

In the 8 years that Karen has been a trainer for the Gurian Institute, she has led workshops for educators all over the United States, including Alaska. She was the Head Trainer for the Coretta Scott King Women’s Leadership Academy (CSKWLA,) part of a ground-breaking project with Atlanta Public Schools. Under the guidance of the Gurian Institute, Atlanta set up two single-gender academies. Karen led the team to develop training workshops and follow-up mentorship programs for the educators at CSKWLA.

Karen is also an Instructional Coach for the State of Michigan. After extensive training, she provides coaching, assisting, and mentoring those working in high-priority schools.

Karen continues her study and participates in other activities that provide guidance for girls. She is keynote speaker and part of an American Assoication of University Women (AAUW) group that conducts Explorathon, a day of workshops for girls ages 14-18 to encourage them to consider careers in the STEM fields.

Comments from participants at training sessions:

“This is the most beneficial and practical information I have ever received at a workshop. Karen’s enthusiasm is contagious!”

“Karen provided the right amount of theory and practical application today. Her delivery kept me engaged every minute.”