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Lisa Macias-Flavin


In 2005, Lisa Flavin didn’t know how to get her then pre-school-aged son to stop karate kicking his friends.  Someone recommended she read the Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian. Lisa read the book and her students, children and husband have all benefitted because of it.  Professionally, Lisa became a Gurian Trainer because she believes that understanding the structural and chemical differences between boys and girls brains should change the way we teach, mentor and raise our children.  This information certainly helped her teach and parent more effectively.

Lisa has taught public, private and homeschool students, and has mentored and tutored homeless and incarcerated children.  She earned her psychology degree from UCLA, her teaching credential through The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Intern Program, her Educational Leadership Master’s Degree and Administrative Credential at Cal State Northridge and she earned National Board Certification.  She started her teaching career in 1995 with the Los Angeles Unified School District.   She is currently a Science Specialist and Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Carden Conejo School in Westlake Village.


Lisa Macias-Flavin - GURIAN INSTITUTE