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Stephen Parmelee


Steve Parmelee has taught at all levels of education.  Growing up in Ohio, attending college in Florida, obtaining his Master’s Degree in Pennsylvania, teaching in New Hampshire, and serving as administrator at one of the largest private schools in California, Steve has complete picture of the current state of education.  With over twenty-four years in education, he has seen the patterns of learning in both boys and girls.  Drawing from his experience in the classroom and in administration, Steve recognizes that more can be done to reach the complex student of today.

Tracking the trends in education, Steve has instructed faculties on the values of Playful Learning and Positive Psychology.  In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, he has been actively involved in positive well-being research, bringing a component to education that goes far beyond the classroom to reach the student on a personal level.  As the world of education changes with exciting new strategies and methods, Steve introduces successful tools and approaches that teachers can utilize to make their classroom the best it can be.   His practical teaching tips, love of learning, and enthusiastic approach help teachers to immediately enhance their classroom lessons and improve learning outcomes.


Stephen Parmelee - GURIAN INSTITUTE