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Tim Coble

QATAR  (September – June)
FRANCE  (July – August)

Dr. Timothy Coble is a veteran educator and an internationally recognized expert on learning differences between boys and girls. Presently on the faculty at the American School of Doha in Qatar, Dr. Coble has taught in a variety of school environments including single gender and co-educational schools, public, independent, and overseas schools. Timothy has spent 13 of the past 15 years in international education teaching in South-East Asia and the Middle-East.

As a consultant, teacher trainer, and international guest speaker, Timothy has worked with the Gurian Institute since 2006 to bring nature-based learning theory to faculties around the world. He is passionate about the need to respond to the uniqueness of each gender as the foundation of respect for the common humanity of individuals and the starting point of a pedagogical architecture that promises success.

Timothy’s doctoral research explored adolescent identity formation in multicultural overseas school environments. His research underlined the importance of developing empathy in youth in order for them to function successfully in complex, multicultural groups. He is working to expand interaction with local schools in the Middle East to address the acute crisis of boys who see no purpose in education.


E-mail: cobledzido@mac.com
or tcoble@asd.edu.qa