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Travis Webb


-Gurian Certified Trainer.  Travis provides workshops of brain science as it relates to helping boys and girls develop healthy attachment and atunement strategies.  He also provides clinics on using physiology to reduce and overcome the  effects of trauma.

-Level II Certified Facilitator in Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

-Vice-President of Gylanic Education Trust. (A nonprofit dedicated to providing children with safety from sexual/physical abuse.  We do this by providing school personnel with the tools and training needed to teach their students.)

-Board member of ‘Be the One’ LLC.  (A collaborative panel of experts from varying professional fields dedicated to empowering parents of teens through workshop presentations, publications, and counseling.) 

-Co-author of ‘Why Teens Fail and What to Fix.’ (A book for parents facing tough issues with their teens. Topics range from communication to dating to trauma to technology to self-defense.)

In September 2011 I was hired as the Behavior Specialist at Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary School in Chandler, AZ. There I provided services for troubled/underprivileged youth, wrote treatment plans for students in and out of the classroom, collaborated services with CPS, and provided education to the school personnel regarding healthy/safe behavior practices. I  wrote curriculum and facilitated the group ‘Healthy Strategies’ for students with special emotional needs. I also ran the 21st Century afterschool program at HSE.