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Leon Buford-Kelly


I attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY were I received my bachelor’s degree in Education. After graduation, I moved to Minneapolis, MN to teach and pursue my Master’s degree which I received in Education at the University of St. Thomas. Searching for more knowledge, I went back to University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN to obtain my Education Specialist degree in Administration.

Currently, I am an administrator in Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky. I am also licensed to teach and be an administrator in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Educating people in different and engaging ways is what I love to do! I have been in the education field for over 17 years. In education, I have created mentoring programs for elementary, middle, and high school boys that are at risk. As a teacher of 9 years, I have taught on the elementary and middle school levels. Also, I was an adjunct professor at Western Kentucky University for 5 years. In addition to being a teacher, I have been an administrator for over 7 years. Moreover, I have been blessed to work with middle school students as an administrator to help them develop a positive mindset so they can grow into productive young men and women before reaching high school.

As an educator, I’m always looking for exciting and mind changing professional developments. Attending the Gurian Institute was just that.. exciting and mind changing. This Institute helped confirm that I am on the right path of reaching my male students in my current after school program, Kappa League, a male leadership mentoring program. The Gurian Institute helped me curve behavior and attitudes in different ways that boys’ brains understand and respond to in a positive way.  The major piece of the puzzle that I was missing was how boys’ brains are very different from girls’ brains. Attending Gurian Institute gave me that “Aha moment”.  I am eager to share my knowledge and growth with educators that are trying to reach and change a student’s outlook on education and everyday life.



Leon Buford-Kelly - GURIAN INSTITUTE