The Gurian Institute provides brain-based, research-driven, strategies-focused professional development, consulting, and training.

The Gurian Institute provides services and products for educators, parents, mental health professionals, and community leaders. Our work is a powerful deep dive into the minds of boys and girls that has been proven successful in helping diverse schools and communities throughout the world. Learning through a gender lens inspires, motivates, and changes lives!

“The Gurian training was the best professional development I ever had; it changed my teaching career—it gave me a different angle on education. The applications are practical, user friendly, and do not require a huge investment of money or technology.”
--Bill Rook HS Teacher and Coach, Hope, Arkansas
“The Gurian Institute’s approach teaches brain-based learning theory that recognizes gender differences in learning and combines the theory with effective strategies that bring out the best in both genders. Our implementation of the superb Gurian Institute methods proves that ALL students can achieve proficiency if teaching is directed at how they learn best.”
--Jackie Bedwell Elementary Teacher, Boulder, Colorado
“The Gurian team helped us with our children's social emotional development and social media responsibility in very practical and life-changing ways, hleping us understand the NextGen. Turning Digital Distress to Digital Success was a particularly powerful talk and training.“
--Edie, Teacher and Mother

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Helping Boys and Girls Reach Their Potential
Helping Schools Close Achievement Gaps


Public, Private
Charter, Independent
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School Districts
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Research-Based & Strategies-Oriented

More than 60,000 professionals

have been trained in the Institute’s programs and interventions from thousands of schools across the world with some schools becoming “GI Model Schools.”  We provide the critical training missing from most post-secondary education related to how boys and girls learn.  We have also reached more than one million parents with practical training for raising and educating boys and girls in the digital age.

Data Matters

Get ready to improve teacher effectiveness, student achievement, school safety, mental health wellness, social media responsibility, and parent involvement.  Gurian training is not an expensive new curriculum. Its holistic nature grows from its fidelity to all three fundamental areas of child development: nature, nurture, and culture. It builds understanding of boys and girls in curricular, extra-curricular, and behavioral areas.


“This is one of the best PDs I have had after 18 years of teaching. So much of it is repetitive ‘how-to’ information with new names to old ideas. This PD was fresh, new information that will be helpful and quickly instituted in the classroom. Hopefully, our whole school and parents will be able to receive this information.”
--Angela, 10th Grade Teacher
``We understand that boys and girls need different approaches as we manage classroom behavior, and when school disciplinary measures are needed, we are more effective in working through these issues because we know how to communicate differently with each gender, taking in account that each person, male and female, is also different.``
Tracie, Elementary School Principal

Carolyn Ragatz, one of our certified trainers, wrote me an email that fleshes out the question for this week.  “I just read your latest blog on screen time–so important to get that word out and I posted on my fb & twitter pages.  I have another related question: …

February 12, 2018

January 2018 marks the beginning of our third year working with Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas as a Center for Excellence in Educating Boys.  Central Catholic, a school for boys in the Marianist tradition, located in San Antonio, Texas, is more than 150 years old. …

February 2, 2018
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