Learning & Behavioral Disabilities

Special Education

  • The human brain is formatted for pre-industrial life, not the over-stimulation of today
  • Most humans can adapt to the constant and intense stimulation of modern life, but some cannot.
  • The male brain is generally more fragile in a high-stimulation environment due to the inherent lack of ability to multitask by comparison to the female brain.
  • Male brain structure and chemistry combinations tend to drive vulnerable and disabled males toward aggressive, uncontrolled, and inappropriate behavior more than females.
  • Current educational models favoring female student learning styles tend to increasingly place struggling male students into LD or BD classifications.

Learning Disabilities

  • Fast ForWord, a software based learning program developed by neuroscientists Paula Tallal and Michael Merzenich, utilizes audio and visual stimuli that teach students foundational reading techniques by starting out slow and gradually increasing in speed.
  • Using visual aids in conjunction with verbal instruction is critical with both genders, especially special needs groups
  • Multi-sensory reading approaches such as the Lindamood-Bell method and the Schinderling method work well with boys who have decreased sensory processing in comparison to girls.

The Importance of Attachment and Bonding

  • Attachment theory is a concept in developmental psychology that concerns the importance of “attachment” in regards to personal development.
  • The ability for an individual to form an emotional and physical “attachment” to another person gives a sense of stability and security necessary to take risks, branch out, and grow and develop as a personality, which is especially true for many students diagnosed as LD or BD.

The Gurian Institute Solution

  • The Gurian Institute teaches parents and early childhood educators about the neurobiological and biochemical make-up of boys and girls to assist them in nurturing the development of their children in the context of their family and culture.
  • Gurian Institute materials and trainers help instill a sense of collaboration between the home and early childhood programs.
  • The Gurian Institute provides customized professional development for early childhood educators, with strategies that align with the current program values, performance standards and curriculum.
  • The Gurian Institute provides planning that works with your current needs and develops a plan that is comprehensive, systemic and sustainable.

“Staff response to this training was overwhelmingly positive! They immediately put the information they learned to work in their parent meetings, socialization events, classroom experiences and home visits. Thank you for this valuable professional development experience. This has increased the capacity of our program to provide meaningful, individualized services to girls and boys alike! You are welcome to share my thoughts with other people who may be interested in learning more about what the Gurian Institute Trainings can do for their staff.” – Carolyn Sola

Contact the Gurian Institute at info@gurianinstitute.com for information on how a professional development plan can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and the families you serve.

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