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I left wanting more! The Gurian Team was awesome and so insightful. As teachers we always know there is boy and girl “energy” but this helps to understand where all that comes from!

​“I have had an absolutely great time sharing this information with my high school students. They have done surveys about relationships and expectations that yielded some really great results…right in line with male/female brain details…very relevant, very compelling for them!”
— Patricia St. Germain, Colorado

​I am a member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County NC Board of Education.  I just completed your book THE MINDS OF BOYS, and have found it very interesting and applicable to what we are facing in our district.  I have asked our Superintendent to purchase your book for every board member and member of his senior leadership team.  I hope that in reading the book, our school leaders will feel as I do that we need to implement many of the strategies you recommend.  Thanks for writing such a good book and inspiring me to push this issue to the forefront in our district.

— Buddy Collins, Esq.
Winston-Salem Board of Education

“School counselors in the Guilford County and the Alamance-Burlington County School districts, along with members from the WISE Guys Program, were recently trained by Michael Gurian and the training was outstanding. School counselors were educated on the THE MINDS OF BOYS, which examined gender differences, brain development and its effects on academic achievement and personal/social development. The session enhanced the ability of school counselors to integrate academics into their counseling curriculum and provided research-based strategies for males regarding academic achievement and personal/social competency. Participants described Mr. Gurian’s professional development as superb, outstanding, eye opening, an excellent blend of research and applications, reignited my passion for counseling and extremely relevant.”

School counselor Kelly Ashley stated, “This was the BEST workshop I’ve had in my entire 25 years as a counselor. It was science-based, data driven and applicable for my very next session with students”. Fredricca Stokes, Supervisor of High School Counseling, added “This work was needed and critical to addressing the needs of students and their path to life after high school”.

— Dr. Karen Meadows, Guilford County School, Supervisor of K-8 Counseling

“If we desire a more compassionate and less violent country we need to wake up and realize that something in our culture is breaking down our boys and men. They no longer feel useful.  This is a problem.  Michael Gurian’s work is the most relevant psychological research of our time.  He should have a seat at our Nation’s Roundtable in this era as we become more aware than ever of male bad behavior in the workplace.  And, as we grapple to understand the historical cultural norms which have driven and enabled it, he can provide a new vision and expectation which serves the evolution of both genders. I’m deeply grateful for his work and I predict that he will become one of the greatest social and cultural influencers of our time.

–Robbie Long, Teacher and Mother

“When Sacred Heart School started their journey into Single Gender Education in a co-educational building, we needed a foundational resource that would apply to both an all Girls class and an all Boys class. Michael Gurian’s book “Successful Single-Sex Classes” was the perfect place for us to start. Once we learned about brain research in relation to how boys and girls learn differently, we really started to see a change in pedagogy with our teachers. They just could not un-know what they learned and treated their students in the same manner.

We invited Michael to come and help us grow in our knowledge and skills in year 3 of the program. He was so open to creating the most appropriate workshop to meet our teachers needs that we felt like he was more a member of the staff by the time the session was done. He toured each classroom and spent time with each individual teacher, offering suggestions and providing great positive support to them. The teachers felt very comfortable talking with Michael about any and all Single Gender issues they were experiencing. After the individual sessions, Michael came and spoke to questions that we, as a staff, had created and sent to him earlier. The discussions that followed were very valuable and the teachers wished we could have spent more time with him.

Michael then presented to a group of teachers, administrators, parents, trustees and senior administrators. His presentation “How Boys and Girls Learn Differently’ was highly engaging, very entertaining and incredibly informative. He was able to get members of our school community, at all levels, to see something new in their students, their child and even their spouse. The response to his presentation was very positive and the group would have listened to him for many more hours.

Michael Gurian, his books and his personal relationship with us, has helped us create an unique school environment by providing us with factual information that we could rely on and visiting us in person to provide critical, positive feedback on what was happening at our school. We hope this relationship will continue into the future.”

— Leanne Timko, Principal Sacred Heart School (K – 8) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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