Becoming a
Gurian Model School

Criteria for Model School Designation

  • Host Dr. Gurian for a school/community keynote address.
  • Provide Gurian Institute professional development to all faculty/staff/administration.
  • Certify a minimum of one trainer per school so that there is at least one certified trainer available to faculty for support.
  • Provide follow-up parent/community presentations on Boys and Girls Learn Differently using school certified trainer.
  • Provide a minimum of two (2) days for GI consultant to conduct school and classrooms observations in order to provide feedback in terms of implementation, building capacity,and plan for accountability (usually after 3 months of initial PD).
  • Send a minimum of two (2) representatives to the annual Summer Institute each year to update knowledge, network with other model schools and share key learning from on-site implementation. (Discounted registration fee after initial year.)
  • Conduct annual progress monitoring with GI – This annual session with a GI consultant (in-person/electronically) will discuss the year’s progress with the school leadership and explore future steps. Specifically, the following information should be reviewed:
  • Qualitative data – effectiveness of gender-specific strategies that have been implemented (schoolwide, classrooms, discipline)
  • Quantitative data – general assessment information (i.e., test scores, disciplinary referral data, grades) disaggregated by gender


Upon designation as a Model School/District, the Gurian Institute will present a plaque to the school.

Bring Gender-Based Teaching Strategies into your Classroom

At that point…

  • the school will identify itself as a Gurian Institute Model School on its website (Home or About page) and whenever appropriate in marketing and PR materials,
  • the school will consider sending a press release to local media sharing its GI Model School status,
  • the school will agree to provide the Gurian Institute with ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of gender-specific strategies that have been implemented, and
  • the school will allow the Gurian Institute to share information about the school with other schools so that they can benefit from the experiences of the Model School.
  • Model School/District designation is for a 3-year period. During that time, the Model School agrees to continue providing in-service training for staff, faculty and parents.
  • The in-service training will be facilitated by a GI Certified Trainer (school-based trainer).

Contact the Gurian Institute at for information on how a professional development plan can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and the families you serve.

Becoming a Gurian Model School - GURIAN INSTITUTE