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Walk and Talk Strategy

We are  proud to feature one of our certified trainer’s, Rosemarie  Engman, and her class at Sacred Heart School in Bellevue, Washington.   If you read this newsletter, you may remember that she and her class are  making video clips of Gurian strategies they use in their classrooms  and buildings.  Rosemarie’s class created an instructional clip for the  “Walk and Talk” strategy earlier in the fall.  Now she has created a  clip for “Hallway Work.”
Please join Rosemarie and her school by sending us video clips of  your strategies in action!  Boys and girls learn differently–you might  well be revolutionizing classrooms on a daily basis.  Thanks again,  Rosemarie, and many thanks to your students, and Sacred Heart School.



​Hi, my name is Kacie Drake, and I have the privilege of teaching math a the Army and Navy Academy.  I want to take a moment and talk about some of the Gurian Strategies we use across our campus. One of the most important strategies in my opinion are the “Brain Breaks”…

Watch the video to hear more about Brain Breaks and other useful implementations of Gurian Institute strategies!


“This was one of the most valuable professional development experiences my staff (infant-toddler teachers, home visitors and content managers) and I have been involved in. Michael’s keynote was captivating. He brought together information from neurobiology, anthropology, education psychology and sociology to provide a solid science-based foundation for thinking about child development. The two-day training was a perfect follow-up to the keynote. The staff response to this training was overwhelmingly positive! They immediately put the information they learned to work in their parent meetings, socialization events, classroom experiences and home visits. This training has increased the capacity of our program to provide meaningful, individualized services to girls and boys alike.

– Director Carolyn Sola, Early Head Start, Eastern Washington University



“When Sacred Heart School started their journey into Single Gender Education in a co-educational building, we needed a foundational resource that would apply to both an all Girls class and an all Boys class. Michael Gurian’s book “Successful Single-Sex Classes” was the perfect place for us to start. Once we learned about brain research in relation to how boys and girls learn differently, we really started to see a change in pedagogy with our teachers. They just could not unknow what they learned and treated their students in the same manner.

We invited Michael to come and help us grow in our knowledge and skills in year 3 of the program. He was so open to creating the most appropriate workshop to meet our teachers needs that we felt like he was more a member of the staff by the time the session was done. He toured each classroom and spent time with each individual teacher, offering suggestions and providing great positive support to them. The teachers felt very comfortable talking with Michael about any and all Single Gender issues they were experiencing. After the individual sessions, Michael came and spoke to questions that we, as a staff, had created and sent to him earlier. The discussions that followed were very valuable and the teachers wished we could have spent more time with him.

Michael then presented to a group of teachers, administrators, parents, trustees and senior administrators. His presentation “How Boys and Girls Learn Differently’ was highly engaging, very entertaining and incredibly informative. He was able to get members of our school community, at all levels, to see something new in their students, their child and even their spouse. The response to his presentation was very positive and the group would have listened to him for many more hours.

Michael Gurian, his books and his personal relationship with us, has helped us create an unique school environment by providing us with factual information that we could rely on and visiting us in person to provide critical, positive feedback on what was happening at our school. We hope this relationship will continue into the future.”

Leanne Timko, Principal
Sacred Heart School (K – 8)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



“Michael, your training definitely made an impact, individuals are still referencing it and not only that, but using the strategies learned which speaks highly of your work.
Karen Meadows

Here is more:

“School counselors in the Guilford County and the Alamance-Burlington County School districts, along with members from the WISE Guys Program, were recently trained by Michael Gurian and the training was outstanding. School counselors were educated on the “The Minds of Boys” and “How Do I Help Him?” which examined gender differences, brain development and its effects on academic achievement and personal/social development.

The session enhanced the ability of school counselors to integrate academics into their counseling curriculum and provided research-based strategies for males regarding academic achievement and personal/social competency. Participants described Mr. Gurian’s professional development as superb, outstanding, eye opening, an excellent blend of research and applications, reignited my passion for counseling and extremely relevant.

School counselor Kelly Ashley stated, “This was the BEST workshop I’ve had in my entire 25 years as a counselor. It was science-based, data driven and applicable for my very next session with students”. Fredricca Stokes, Supervisor of High School Counseling, added “This work was needed and critical to addressing the needs of students and their path to life after high school”.

Dr. Karen Meadows
Guilford County School
Supervisor of K-8 Counseling



Students talk about Gender-Friendly Strategies:

Tune into these videos made by middle school students at the Boys Preparatory Academy-Franklin Middle Magnet and Girls Preparatory Academy-Ferrell Middle Magnet in Tampa Bay, Florida. Both offer a college preparatory culture in a single gender environment with gender-friendly approaches.

Hillsborough County Schools in Tampa, Florida has added single gender academies to their educational landscape and utilized Gurian Institute theory and practice for school success.

Carla Sparks, Supervisor of Magnet & Choice Programs, shares her Summer Institute experience:

“Attending the Summer Institute in 2011, just as we were launching our Boys Preparatory Academy and Girls Preparatory Academy (grades 6-8) in Hillsborough County, had a great impact on my work as a district administrator supervising single gender programs. Having the opportunity to learn the latest research in gender and the implications of that research on classroom instruction and school culture in a single gender setting has been invaluable. The knowledge I gained at the Summer Institute has guided me, school site administrators, and teachers in developing successful single gender programs that are truly changing the lives of students.

The opportunity to become a Gurian Certified Trainer for our district has also been a great benefit of attending the Summer Institute. Two Lead Teachers and I became certified, and we have used the excellent resources of the Gurian Institute to train the teachers in our schools. I am continually amazed at the increased effectiveness of our teachers who are employing their understanding of how the male and female brain learn on a daily basis in their classrooms.”


From Alan Yip, President, Mind Edge, Singapore

The Gurian Institute and Boys and Girls Learn Differently Symposium in Singapore was a big success. It was an eye-opener to more than 200 participants in learning about Gender Science and specific strategies to better understand boys / girls and male / female leaders and to bring the best in all of them.

Overall, evaluations from participants were positive and encouraging.We can safely – and proudly – state that Mind Edge and Gurian Institute made a lasting impact via the Symposium. And a sustainable ripple effect is about to take place in Asia.


More Testimonials

Dakota, What a pleasure to meet you and Michael and to have my students attend their first professional development day! They learned so much and can’t stop talking about all that they learned. Many thanks to you and Michael and I certainly hope to attend the summer institute in the near future. Carol LaLiberte, M.Ed, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield, CT

“Relevant research and real world ideas and connections to use in my classroom—as well as at home with my own two children. This was the best workshop/training I’ve been to in twenty years!” – 3rd grade teacher

“Terrific information—Kelley knows it well, and it was presented in an interesting way. I loved that we tried things we can use.” – Kindergarten teacher

“I was drawn to this seminar by the fact that you included girls—as the mother of a daughter I don’t want her education to take a back seat!” – Middle school language arts teacher

​”Thank you again for such a wonderful presentation!  You energized me to think about brain research around gender again and have caused me to think critically about some areas around this topic.  I have already used many of your ideas into writing training that I have been conducting and it has made it that much stronger – thank you again!” – Literacy & Social Studies Coordinator

​“I find myself thinking about and talking about things learned during your training.  What a terrific way to frame the teaching I do to ALL my kids, boys and girls.  It was the perfect energy boost as we start a new school year.” – Middle school teacher

​”I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation.  I found it to be one of the most useful seminars I have attended in my 38 year career.  Great job!  How worthwhile!  Regardless of how long I have taught, I keep on trying to do it better.  Your seminar has already impacted the way I teach boys. I went right back to school and taught the helping verbs by making my kids march the helping verbs outside to a military-style cadence.  The kids loved it and learned them quickly as a result.” – 2nd grade teacher

“This is one of the best PDs I have had after 18 years of teaching. So much of it is repetitive ‘how-to’ information with new names to old ideas. This PD was fresh, new information that will be helpful and quickly instituted in the classroom. Hopefully, our whole school and parents will be able to receive this information.” 10th grade teacher

“Make it two days. Great day. I generally do not like in-service because after 20+ years of them I’ve seen it all. This was eye-opening and made me want to know more. Thanks for making today fun instead of frustrating, while providing ideas that will help me change my classroom experience in positive ways.” 11th grade teacher

“Introduce this workshop to everyone in the schools.” 9-12th grade teacher

“The Gurian Institute has helped us to bring our faculty and staff to new heights in educating young men. By giving the new faculty members this training, we are able to facilitate their transition to teaching boys. By providing it to our seasoned veterans, it affirms why certain lessons and approaches work with our students. It also has encouraged collegiality amongst our faculty and has encouraged them to share best practices. If your school is looking for professional development that is truly teacher and parent-friendly, I encourage you to contact The Gurian Institute.” Crespi Carmelite High School, Los Angeles, CA

“We greatly enjoyed the insight and observations Michael Gurian shared with us about raising, relating to, inspiring, and educating boys and girls. His dynamic talk left us with much to discuss — just what a speaker ought to inspire!” –Christie Henry, President, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Parent Association

“Michael was a pleasure to have in our school community! We had representatives from thirty schools and school districts at his talks. Both the parents and teachers were inspired to learn more after hearing his presentation. He has a knack for making information on the minds of boys and girls both interesting and entertaining by keeping his audience laughing out loud.” Meredith Bloomberg, Chairperson of the Parent Engagement Network and Graland Parents Association, Graland Country Day School, Denver, Colorado

“As an administrator, teacher, coach, and father I am always looking for opportunities to guide boys toward lives of purpose. Ultimately, I believe, lives of purpose reflect more than academic success. Above all, a purpose-filled life reflects a balanced spirit, mind, and body. This philosophy is shared by Michael Gurian and The Gurian Institute. If your school is looking for innovative professional development and support that can positively affect your mission, outreach, and student enrollment, I encourage you to make contact with them.” Assistant Principal, O’Dea High School, Seattle, WA

Contact the Gurian Institute at for information on how a professional development plan can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and the families you serve.

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