Trainer Certification

Application for Certification

Two Ways to Certify, Online or Onsite

Fill out the Trainer Application form and press Submit.  We will email you back after we have reviewed the Application.

Steps To Become a Certified Trainer Online

Step 1: If you have filled out the Application and received an email back accepting your application, you have completed Step 1.

If need any assistance during the training process, feel free to contact the Gurian team at or 509 624 0623.

Step 2. Purchase and Complete the Minds of Boys and Girls Online Course with Michael Gurian. You can find it on’s Products page.

Step 3.  Purchase and Complete the Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls course with Dakota Hoyt.  You will find that course on the same Products page.

Step 4.  Take the test based on the online course that we will send you via email.  Request the test at

We suggest the book Boys and Girls Learn Differently as supplemental reading for your training.

Step 5. Upload a short video clip of yourself as presenter in which you present one or more of the strategies/theory points you feel are very important to teach others as a trainer. You can use your phone or other handheld device to shoot this clip and you can upload it to You Tube and send us the link.

Step 6. Email to request a phone conference or Skype meeting, if you wish, with Michael Gurian, in which he can answer any further questions you might have about theory, implementation, contracts or and any other questions.

Step 7. Pay for your certification. The application fee, online course cost, and video costs will be deducted from your fee so that you will only owe the remainder. When you are ready, please write Gail with your request for an invoice and she will send you an invoice from Pay Pal.  You will then be able to pay online or you can pay via check sent to the Gurian Institute.

Step 8.  Gail will send you the Certified Trainer contract. Please sign and send or scan back to her.

Step 9.  Receive Trainer Resource Portal Login codes from Gail so that you can access the Power Points, PDFs, DVDs, DVD clips, guides, articles, tools, and all of the other material you will be able to use as a Certified Trainer.

Step 10.  Send your biography and a jpeg photo of yourself to for upload onto our certified Trainer site.

Steps to Become a Certified Trainer Onsite

The Steps for Onsite Certification are similar except that the applicant would complete the equivalent of Steps 2 and 3 by participating in one of our Training Institutes, e.g. the Summer Institute.

Trainers are required to meet minimum educational requirements: Certified Trainers must have completed a BA/BS in education, natural or social science, or an area relative to the content being trained, from an accredited college or university.

Application and Training Fees:

If the applicant becomes certified, the initial certification period will be for three years with potential for renewal, with a license fee of $2,000.00 for Independent trainers or $1,000.00 for In-House trainers.

Independent trainers can train anywhere in the U.S. and abroad. In-House trainers provide training within the institution in which they certify.

Trainers may be required to complete additional professional development and deliver a specified minimum number of training hours to maintain certification.

Mail additional materials to:

Gurian Institute

417 W. 32nd,
Spokane WA, 99203

Phone: 509 624 0623
Fax: 509 624 4647

The Need and The Gurian Institute Solution

  • Gender gaps in learning are significant in many school districts.
  • Many boys—especially boys of color—are dropping out and/or failing in the traditional classroom.
  • Many girls face continuing challenges in math, science, and technology.
  • Core areas such as math, science, and literacy are not often taught in the most effective way possible for global competitiveness.
  • Graduation rates, discipline, drop outs, suspensions and expulsions are concerns in many districts.
  • Parents and community support systems are searching for meaningful and proven ways to enhance learning.

Educators and parents intuitively sense that boys and girls grow and learn differently, but are taught too little about these gender differences in parenting programs, college, teacher certification programs.

Teaching educators and parents about the neuro-biological and biochemical make-up of boys and girls, as well as cultural and societal expectations, leads to profound understanding of the challenges faced in both families and classrooms from preschool through high school.

The Gurian Institute team works with schools, districts, early education programs and communities throughout the United States and around the world—teaching them how boys and girls learn differently.

Our focus is the development of best practices and innovative teaching strategies, and implementation of parent and professional development programs that ensure boy-and girl-friendly environments in homes, schools, and communities.

Take Action! Contact The Gurian Institute to discuss your unique professional development needs.

The Gurian Institute Solution

  • The Gurian Institute teaches parents and early childhood educators about the neurobiological and biochemical make-up of boys and girls to assist them in nurturing the development of their children in the context of their family and culture.
  • Gurian Institute materials and trainers help instill a sense of collaboration between the home and early childhood programs.
  • The Gurian Institute provides customized professional development for early childhood educators, with strategies that align with the current program values, performance standards and curriculum.
  • The Gurian Institute provides planning that works with your current needs and develops a plan that is comprehensive, systemic and sustainable.

“Staff response to this training was overwhelmingly positive! They immediately put the information they learned to work in their parent meetings, socialization events, classroom experiences and home visits. Thank you for this valuable professional development experience. This has increased the capacity of our program to provide meaningful, individualized services to girls and boys alike! You are welcome to share my thoughts with other people who may be interested in learning more about what the Gurian Institute Trainings can do for their staff.” – Carolyn Sola

Contact the Gurian Institute at for information on how a professional development plan can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and the families you serve.

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