Secondary Education:
Learning through A Gender Lens

Brain Facts for Teens

During adolescence, sex hormones cause the emotional centers of the brain to be seriously overactive. These centers are where raw emotion comes from – anger, fear, exuberance – and cause teens to overreact to emotional situations.

For Boys: This overreaction is often physical – slamming doors, banging something, perhaps adding an expletive for good measure!

For Girls: This overreaction is often more verbal – yelling and angry words that cause hurt feelings.

Remember teens aren’t always in control of their reactions during this time. Adults may need to take time out and calm down before trying to “deal with them.”

The Need and The Gurian Institute Solution

  • Gender gaps in learning are significant in many school districts.
  • Many boys—especially boys of color—are dropping out and/or failing in the traditional classroom.
  • Many girls face continuing challenges in math, science, and technology.
  • Core areas such as math, science, and literacy are not often taught in the most effective way possible for global competitiveness.
  • Graduation rates, discipline, drop outs, suspensions and expulsions are concerns in many districts.
  • Parents and community support systems are searching for meaningful and proven ways to enhance learning.

Educators and parents intuitively sense that boys and girls grow and learn differently, but are taught too little about these gender differences in parenting programs, college, teacher certification programs.

Teaching educators and parents about the neuro-biological and biochemical make-up of boys and girls, as well as cultural and societal expectations, leads to profound understanding of the challenges faced in both families and classrooms from preschool through high school.

The Gurian Institute team works with schools, districts, early education programs and communities throughout the United States and around the world—teaching them how boys and girls learn differently.

Our focus is the development of best practices and innovative teaching strategies, and implementation of parent and professional development programs that ensure boy-and girl-friendly environments in homes, schools, and communities.

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Helping Boys and Girls Reach Their Potential
Helping Schools Close Achievement Gaps

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