Learning Through A Gender Lens--Brain-Based Teaching and Training

Dr. Gurian and our Gurian Institute Certified Trainers are committed to helping schools, parents, and communities meet the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of boys and girls.  As professionals and parents understand how the brain works and the brain-based differences between boys and girls, they re-invent classrooms, schools, and home environments.  As the learning needs of boys and girls across the spectrum are met, achievement gaps close, discipline referrals decrease, behavior improves, and students succeed.  Learning through a gender lens has been proven effective in thousands of schools over the last 20 years.  To bring training and development to your school or community, please contact Gail at info@gurianinstitute.com.

Gurian Institute Professional Development for Educators

Part 1: Plan

  • Assess academic achievement and discipline referrals
  • Develop professional development goals and desired outcomes
  • Examine district-wide goals and objectives and recent strategic planning efforts
  • Assess community awareness and readiness

Part 2: Develop

  • Generate a customized professional development plan based on the planning process
  • Determine evaluation parameters and criteria
  • Individualize training materials and approach to fit the district’s needs Design activities that are embedded in teachers’ contexts and content relevant Identify the Gurian Institute team to facilitate the professional development plan
  • Develop community strategies to inform parents and community support organizations

Part 3: Implement

  • Launch the professional development program
  • Host community programs/parent sessions
  • Conduct pre- and post-training assessments

Part 4: Sustain

  • Review assessment results and identify implementation challenges
  • Fine tune implementation
  • Provide technical assistance as required Identify, teach and certify on-site trainers (training of trainers model)

Part 5: Excel

  • Complete the requirements to become a Gurian Institute Model School* or District, if desired

* Contact the Gurian Institute to learn about criteria for becoming a Model School

Success data

from the last twenty years shows specific areas of quantitative and qualitative success at schools that implement our GI gender-based instruction. These “Boys and Girls Learn Differently” strategies result in:

  • Improved teacher effectiveness
  • Achievement gaps closed, especially in literacy, math, and science
  • Gender gaps closed across the curriculum
  • Significantly decreased discipline referrals
  • Significantly improved student behavior
  • Increased parent-school-community collaboration

Gurian Institute professional development is multi-media, hands-on, experiential and engaging! We’ll show you how to incorporate gender-based instruction into your existing programs – with ease! Decide when (full day, half-day, one-day, multi-day) and how (onsite, webinars, mixed). Contact Gail at info@gurianinstitute.com to discuss your unique professional development needs.

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