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This online course is divided into four units that follow video clips clustered in each Unit sequentially, as well as the Power Point and Discussion Questions PDFs containing information, questions, and experiments aligned with the slides and video content.


Throughout the Course, answers to questions attach to practical ideas you can utilize after reading each slide and viewing its video content.  Because of this organizational structure, it is not essential that you view each video clip and slide in exact order, but we do suggest you work with the four units in order because the new course content grows on previous information and strategies.

``Wow! This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It is practical and based in actual science, which gives it both applicability and credibility. Gurian is such a dynamic teacher. His stories bring everything alive and he has the experience to connect the science and anecdotes to gains in achievement and behavior that we really need to see in our schools and communities. This is a course every teacher should take!``
— Henrietta Averson, Teacher and Coach

4 hours of video and supplementary content

Positive Gains in Student Behavior, and Lowered Discipline Referrals

Dynamic, Useful, and Highly Practical Tools You Can Use Right Now

Brain-Based Science Proven Successful in Thousands of Classrooms

Crucial Data Gains in Student Achievement and School Turnaround

Deeper Understanding of Boys, Girls, and the Whole Gender Spectrum

Systemic Change Models That Can Transform School Culture

We are proud to be able to offer you more than four hours of video and supplementary content that cover the research-based Gurian philosophy and our science-based strategies for educating boys and girls most effectively.  Get ready to learn and apply practical applications that have been proven successful in schools and communities around the world!

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These insights and innovations have been applied in our classrooms with phenomenal success, leading to better academic performance and better behavior.”
— Dan Colgan, Ph.D., superintendent of schools, St. Joseph, Missouri

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Pay via credit card to Pay Pal here.  Upon payment, you will receive a password that gives you access to the downloadable PPT and Discussion Questions PDF connected to the course, as well as a access to the video coursework in each unit.  


This course and all its units are sold on the understanding that each person taking the course will pay even if you and they share a computer or projector. On this basis, we have kept the price of the course low. If you are sharing a computer/projector with a group of others, please show them how to pay for the course and receive the PDFs and password.  


Thank you for taking this course and spreading the word.  We look forward to serving you and your community.


–Michael Gurian and the Gurian Institute Team,

You’ll find 31 video lessons within the 4  Sessions.

“This was the BEST workshop I’ve had in my entire 25 years as a counselor. It was science-based, data driven and applicable for my very next session with students.``
— Kelly Ashley, Teacher and Counselor
“We greatly enjoyed the insight and observations Michael Gurian shared with us about raising, relating to, inspiring, and educating boys and girls. His dynamic talk left us with much to discuss — just what a speaker ought to inspire!”
— Christie Henry, President, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Parent Association
``You completely changed my perspective and gave me insights than I never would have had as a woman and I am truly grateful for that. Your work is important and there is nobody else out there who quite approaches parenting/psychology from your unique perspective. Thank you.``
— Beth Knezz, Parent and Teacher

Each video SESSION is packed with actionable information:

Streaming Video Clips for Unit 1

Chapter 1: The Ship and the Lighthouse
Chapter 2: What Is Happening in the Brains of Boys and Girls?
Chapter 3: Potential Questions from Your Students, Staff, and Leadership
Chapter 4: Four Aspects of He and She
Chapter 5: Sex on the Brain is Structural, Part 1
Chapter 6 (cont’d): Sex on the Brain is Structural, Part II
Chapter 7: Citizen Science, the Dolls and Trucks Experiment
Chapter 8: Brain Scans of Gender Differences in the Developing Brain

Streaming Video Clips for Unit 2

Chapter 1: Spatial and Movement-Based Teaching Strategies for Boys
Chapter 2: Graphical and Visual Teaching Strategies for Boys
Chapter 3: Male and Female Brain Structure—Memory and Rumination
Chapter 4: The Female Brain – White Matter and Gray Matter Activity
Chapter 5: Developing a Sense of Purpose via Gray Matter Concentration
Chapter 6: Spatial Intelligence and Competitive Motivation
Chapter 7: Aggression-Nurturance and Empathy Nurturance
Chapter 8: Brains in the Rest State

Streaming Video Clips for Unit 3

Chapter 1: The Bi-Strategic Approach and Competition
Chapter 2: Risk and Competition
Chapter 3: Screen Time and the Prefrontal Cortex
Chapter 4: Brain Breaks and Neurotoxins
Chapter 5: Strategies that Use Movement
Chapter 6: Bridge Brains
Chapter 7: Strategies for Boys, Part 1 – Movement and Mentoring
Chapter 8: Strategies for Boys, Part 2 – Relevance, Graphics, and Service
Chapter 9: Strategies for Boys, Part 3 – Project-Based and Vocational Learning

Streaming Video Clips for Unit 4

Chapter 1: Girls and Women in STEM Fields
Chapter 2: Math Strategies for Girls
Chapter 3: Relational Aggression – Boundaries and Resilience
Chapter 4: Relational Aggression – Learning Through Failure, Understanding Oxytocin/Bonding
Chapter 5: Relational Aggression vs. Relational Violence in Girls
Chapter 6: Relational Aggression vs. Relational Violence in Boys

“Dr. Gurian’s professional development is superb, outstanding, eye opening, an excellent blend of research and applications, reignited my passion and extremely relevant.”
— Karen Meadows, Ph.D., Guilford County School, Supervisor of K-8 Counseling

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