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Tracé Copeland


Tracé Copeland is currently the Brookstone School Intermediate Division Head.  Prior to this role, she taught Middle and Upper School as well as held the position of Grade Chair.  Trace’ has experience in both business and education.  Her marketing and management background, combined with teaching and presenting skills, make her an excellent spokeswoman for the Gurian Institute.

In the words of William Butler Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”  Tracé shares this perspective of education and working with young minds.  To light the fire of today’s student, educators must also take the time to study the neurological learning differences as they relate to the classroom.  Since students are hard wired from birth, educators and parents must equip themselves with information to differentiate instruction and guidance.

Aside from experience working with gender based classes, Tracé also has adolescent children of both genders.  Learning more about the Gurian Institute and gender based instruction has helped her to be a better wife, parent, teacher, and administrator.  Tracé is known for her genuine enthusiasm, ability to be flexible, her kindness, and passion for education in all situations. She has had the opportunity to share this information with parents, teachers, and staff. Tracé has observed firsthand the impact that this program can make in the life of a child.   As a Gurian trainer and lead gender specialist at Brookstone School, Tracé enjoys sharing this information with others to ultimately shape each child’s educational experience.

E-mail:  tcopeland@brookstoneschool.org