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In this dynamic two part keynote presentation, Dr. Gurian will explore how the minds of boys and girls learn and grow, including brain differences that impact education and social emotional development throughout the lifespan.  He will provide insight into new genetic resources available to schools and families, the impact of environmental and cultural neuro-toxins on the learning brain, best teaching, parenting, counseling, and mentoring practices for both girls and boys, and safe, effective electronics and technology standards for various stages of child development.  

Michael’s presentation will include PET, SPECT, and MRI scans that display brain differences experientially, and he will bring the latest research in both of his newest books, SAVING OUR SONS (2017) and THE MINDS OF GIRLS (2018).  In Part I of his keynote, he will focus on educating, raising, and counseling boys.  In Part II, he will focus on educating, raising, and counseling girls.  In these two parts,  he will explore themes on everyone’s mind today, including transgender questions and gender fluidity, what constitutes “toxic masculinity,” girl drama and relational aggression, girls and STEM learning, and brain-based boy-friendly learning strategies.

How do we best motivate students to accomplish difficult tasks? How do we coach and counsel  students to rise to every challenge? Join Troy Kemp as he motivates and inspires us to expand our playbook inside and outside the classroom.

Troy is an internationally recognized keynote speaker whose dynamic approach to teaching and mentoring boys has led him to his position as Executive Director of the National Center for the Development of Boys.  Previous to taking that position he spent 25 years in classrooms, on the field, and in administration, nurturing, motivating and empowering young students and athletes.  

Growing up in a migrant working family, he spent his childhood in public school on Long Island where he witnessed and experienced many of the challenges and tragedies that boys often face in our culture. He began his teaching career at the Wilmington Friends School in Delaware and moved two years later to McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he has been for more than 20 years as teacher, coach, then Dean of Admission and Associate Headmaster. Now as Executive Director of the National Center for the Development of Boys, he travels worldwide to provide keynotes and presentations.

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Featured Speakers and Workshops

Helping Girls Thrive, with Dr. Lisa Basista, Lecturer, Educational Administration program at Cal State University, San Marcos, and Gurian Master Trainer.

Sugar and spice … and so much more! This workshop will explore the brain research surrounding girls and apply it to modern school and societal settings. Topics addressed will include: hyper-social anxiety, questions with self-esteem and confidence, and the need to please. Whether an educator, parent, or child advocate, participants will leave equipped to better nurture the unique nature of girls and to help them thrive in school and beyond.


Boys and Girls Learn Differently – Two-Part Strategies Session, with Rob Kodoma, Gurian Master Trainer and Director of Admissions, Marketing and Public Relations, Crespi Carmelite HS

This session will give participants a tool box full of practical strategies that can be adapted for use in any classroom to increase teacher effectiveness and make sure the needs of both boys and girls are being met. The session will model the strategies as if in a classroom setting.  This session is a requirement for applicants for Gurian Institute Trainer Certification

Nature, Nurture, Culture – Helping Boys Succeed in the Classroom and Beyond, with Dr. Robin Cowen and Amy Coe, Interim Dean/Faculty at Army Navy Academy

This workshop is designed for teachers, administrators, counselors, and all those interested in developing a deeper understanding of the brain-based differences between boys and girls, and how to leverage those differences both inside and outside of the classroom to create an engaging and nurturing classroom and school culture where boys can not only learn but thrive.  The workshop is divided into three sections: The nature of boys – the brain-based differences based on Michael Gurian’s work; practical classroom strategies; strategies to nurture the nature of boys.

More Workshops and Presenters:


Ethan Segovia, The Joys and Pitfalls of Incorporating Technology:  Strategies for the Digital Classroom


Katey McPherson, Blending Social Emotional Learning with Academic Achievement

Kacie Drake, Using Interactive Notebooks for Math and Science


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Friday June 22, 2018


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Saturday June 23, 2018


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9 am, Keynote Speaker Dr. Michael Gurian


Afternoon Workshops, Various Tracks

3:00 – 3:30, Gurian Model School Deep Dives

Trainer Certification Session with Michael Gurian, team, and people interested in becoming Gurian Certified Trainers



Sunday, June 24, 2018


9:00 am, Keynote Speaker, Troy Kemp

Morning Featured Workshop


Afternoon Workshops, Various Tracks

3:00 – 3:30 Gurian Institute Model School Deep Dives


Monday Morning, Certification of Trainers Session


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