Implementation Plans
Want to get started? Here are some plans to consider…

  • Awareness in-service  (1 day with GI certified trainer) – Understand the brain gender differences and learn high impact strategies that will be used the next day.
  • Awareness and Planning for Implementation (2 days) – Get the one day information, plus more strategies and time to create the action plan for implementation.
  • Implementing for Success (7-8 days) – Year-long, on-going and embedded professional development that includes content, strategies, classroom observations, feedback and on-going planning.  Only 2 days require teacher release.  Sample schedule below.
  • Ensuring Sustainability (7-8 days plus certifying on-site GI trainers) Get the Implementing for Success plus send motivated staff to the Gurian Summer Institute to strengthen their enthusiasm and pursue certification.
  • Two and Three Year Implementation plans for larger schools or district to ensure systemic implementation and desired measurable results.
  • Become a Gurian Institute Model School – Three year status that can be renewed. Click here for Model School Requirements.


Sample Year-long Implementation


1 day equivalent
(time spread out over the year – phone or Skype)
Step 1.  Strategic Planning Session and Ongoing Consultation

  • Review dis-aggregated data
  • Building/classroom observations
  • Finalize goals and of the in-depth professional development to be provided
  • Mid-course adjustments

June or August
1 day or 2 half day sessions for whole group
(release time required)

Step 2.  Intensive Professional Development

  • Foundation of nature-based theory
  • Research on and implications of  gender and learning
  • Best practice gender friendly strategies
  • Materials –  Training manuals for each participant
  • Suggested books –  Boys and Girls Learn Differently, The Mind of Boys, and Strategies for Teaching Boys & Girls

September or October – 2 days
January or February – 2 days
2 days per visit (no release time required)

Step 3. Ongoing Facilitation – Ensuring sustainability(meet during team meetings/PLC time/after school)

  • Building/classroom observations and feedback
  • Tools for teacher implementation
  • Classroom action plan
  • Questions, struggles, concerns, successes
  • More strategies

Late April or Early May
1 half day (release time required)

Step 4.  Progress Monitoring/ Planning

  • Accountability – What’s different and how do we know?
  • Sustainability – Where do we go from here?

Early Fall and Spring
2 – 90 min. sessions in conjunction with observation days
(no release time required)
Step 5.  Community Awareness Sessions for Parents

  • Fall – let parents and community know about the strategies you will be using and the research behind it
  • Spring – update parents and community on the positive results you’ve seen

May – June
Step 7.  Program Evaluation

  • Culminating report


Step 8.  Online Course and Certification of Trainers

  • Ensure schoolwide sustainability by certifying one of your staff          as an on-site trainer ($1,000)
  • Four Hour Online Course, $200.00 per attendee


Contact the Gurian Institute at for information on how a professional development plan can be designed to meet the needs of your organization and the families you serve.

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