2016 SUMMER INST BANNER The Gurian Institute

More than 60,000 teachers have been trained in the Institute’s programs and interventions from thousands of schools across the world with some schools becoming “GI Model Schools.”  We provide the critical training missing from most post-secondary education related to how boys and girls learn.  We have also reached more than one million parents with practical training for raising and educating boys and girls in the digital age.

Play the video below for a special welcome from Dr. Michael Gurian…

 Research Based — Strategy Driven

Data Matters: When addressing data and gaps associated with race, socioeconomic status and/or language background, it is critical to examine the role gender plays in patterns of achievement, classroom management, and student engagement. This  training is not a new curriculum. Its holistic nature grows from its fidelity to all three fundamental areas of child development: nature, nurture, and culture. It builds understanding of boys and girls in all settings: curricular, extra-curricular, and behavioral areas.

Chart GET READY TO: Increase student engagement, Increase teacher effectiveness, Provide best practices for literacy and STEM, Decrease gender gaps related to academics, Decrease behavior-related gender gaps, Understand & manage relational aggression among girls, Increase social-emotional skills among boys to reduce bullying.

BONUS: Both genders thrive in their learning “comfort zone”, but are also stretched to enhance their capacities into less familiar areas.

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Check out footage from the recent  Summer Institute in Denver, CO.

Join us for the SCREENAGERS movie screening!

Join the Gurian Institute and a selected panel of certified trainers to speak on the effects of screen time and other social media issues.  Currently, special event screenings of the movie SCREENAGERS is being held at the Gurian Summer Institute on June 16, 2016 in Carlsbad, California.

Gurian Institute Team